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If you feel this information is incomplete or incorrect, you can. Climatology Temperate Marine climate/Oceanic climate (Kppen climate classification Cfb). This information is added by users of ASN. Required fields are marked *. 0 By The railway runs south through a valley. Eventually he probably got vertigo, or maybe he became victim of fumes from a broken heater. As the police attempted to retrace the steps of the aircraft, they knew only that it had departed from the airport and flew south, keeping below the bad weather. "Crews supported South Central Ambulance Service with the extrication of one male from the glider he is now in their care. he said. "If any safety issues are identified, we may issue safety recommendations intended to prevent similar accidents in the future. 50 views 3 weeks. The previous day he had taken Ingrid, 59, up in a two seater glider for a flight over the wild African Karoo and South Africa's biggest dam near Norvalspout in the Free State. I have been flying gliders here for 33 years and I am wary of it on every single flight' he said. (Lawrence doesnt even have a tower; airport may be a hangover from when Northeast Airlines flew DC-3s to New York City, over 60 years ago. In 1952, future world champion Mike Hawthorn occasionally used its perimeter track to test his Cooper-Bristol Formula Two car, as did others.[5]. The fire broke out early yesterday morning and has caused serious damage to the clubhouse. A war-surplus barrage balloon winch was used for launches. [12] It operates under the auspices of Lasham Gliding Society who provide its launching facilities and many of its instructors.The club maintains an archive website where details of the club's history since 1930 are kept. Mrs Withers remembered pilot Peter Reading, from Surrey, as sociable and friendly. The RAF ceased operations in 1948, but an aircraft company, General Aircraft Ltd, continued to fly from the airfield. These have now been removed, as have most of the buildings dating from World War II. In 2008 these included aircraft from XL Airways UK, Futura International Airways, Zoom Airlines. Mr Purnell was declared dead at the scene as a result of multiple injuries and an inquest jury in September last year returned a verdict of accidental death. Lasham Airfield (ICAO: EGHL) is an aerodrome 3.6 miles (5.8km) north-west of Alton in Hampshire, England, in the village of Lasham. Firefighters from both Basingstoke and Alton attended, Receive all the latest news directly to your inbox with our HampshireLive newsletter. Cakes and jams kept duo at Alton Friday Market for decades. If you feel this information is incomplete or incorrect, you can. That Saturday morning, the daily weather forecast was up on the notice board, warning of strong winds and low clouds with a base of 700 feet.,,,, Updated [Location, Departure airport, Destination airport, Source, Narrative, Category]. Unsubscribe at any time. It had been imported into the UK that same year and added to the British Register as a PA-19 on the 13th of July 1971. 'You get incredible lift but have to be very wary of it and constantly on the alert. The material he collected for this report formed the basis of his novel Lord of the Levels. At 12:12, an eye witness saw the Super Cub flying low over the tunnel and into the valley, following the line of the tracks. In their report, which was released on Thursday, investigators from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch of the Department of Transport say: "It appeared that neither pilot saw the other glider in time to initiate any effective avoidance manoeuvre.". We want our comments to be a lively and valuable part of our community - a place where readers can debate and engage with the most important local issues. Very interesting, well researched, thank you for another great blog post Cynthia. More damning was a fatigue crack in the cabin heaters heat exchange unit. While the weather on the day of the accident may have been changeable, it was still suitable for flying, the report says. Of all of the reported sightings, only two were actually of G-AYPN. Lasham Gliding Society (LGS) was established in 1958 to unify operations of the gliding clubs that had been operating since 1951. All Rights Reserved. , updated endstream endobj 34 0 obj <>stream In 1971, the Lasham Gliding Society had four light aircraft that they leased from Air Tows Limited. u\@!$fd`bdXc` ; X The exhaust unit had been pressure tested in May and visually examined in June and again in August. Maps of the area before and after the airfield was constructed were displayed in the main corridor of the clubhouse of Lasham Gliding Society on the North side of the airfield to the South of Avenue Road. One person was able to exit the glider however the second had to be freed by the emergency services at the scene. Rescuers raced to the scene but the glass fibre shell of the glider had shattered into hundreds of pieces and Peter's body was found amongst the scattered wreckage. Emergency services attended the scene around 11.55am on Wednesday but were unable to save Mrs Draper. No one ever thought to mention that, at the time of both reports, there were two Super Cubs missing. The aircraft dived into a dense wood in a steep nose-down and port wing down attitude. The aircraft was not there. We don't know what happened yet. Then, on final approach, the pilot again began to climb away. It is believed he had corrected the spin and was trying to pull up but ran out of height and slammed into the rocky hillside overlooking the Gariep Dam Airfield at high speed. Both of these reports stated that theyd seen the aircraft around noon. 148 K-13 substantial 08/08/15, 15:00 lasham GS 55/40 none/none 407 Introductory flight ended in a field landing. They contacted the Coastguard and other ships asking for any sightings of the aircraft. The third had an upgraded engine, a Continental C-90-12F, which set the ground work for the finished product. By the time that they were clear of the clouds, the Super Cub was diving through the tree tops, seconds from impact. "Her next-of-kin have been informed. VAT Reg No: 818 2876 00 As it disappeared into the distance, it sounded as if the engine had changed notes, as if the engine power had been increased. The final report by the Accidents Investigation Branch in the Department of Trade and Industry concluded that there was nothing wrong with the aircraft. They found nothing. Nearest towns include Basingstoke, Winchester, Guildford and there are great road and rails links close by. Once it was clear that the Super Cub was missing, that person had to be found and in this instance, he or she did not know where the pilot was taking the aircraft. 'Our thoughts at this stage are with Peter's family.' Surrey England Crews supported South Central Ambulance Service with the extrication of one male from the glider - he is now in their care. If you want to stay in the know with all the latest news, reviews and features from HampshireLive then you can sign up to our daily newsletter email. It is thought wife Ingrid was relaxing at the airfield cafe awaiting the return of her husband who had clocked up over 40 hours of flying so far during their gliding holiday. READ MORE: M3 vehicle fire closes two lanes near Basingstoke Also in the news. He was not rated for night flying or for instrument flight. An inquest will be opened and adjourned at a later date. 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Perhaps he meant to descend in order to regain visibility; however, there is no chance that he meant to descend so steeply, knowing that he was just over the trees. Another riveting write-up, thank you, Sylvia! To the north, the cloud base was between 1200 and 1800 feet. 'We don't know exactly what happened but it would seem he was flying too slow and lost lift on a wing and stalled and he went into a spin and spiralled down into the hill. Cq`cJfXd8/tP yi'l zOq All I can comment is: my stupidity only resulted in a few weeks grounding by my instructor. 'He was just a lovely, chatty man,' she said. About half a mile beyond the tunnel, there is a line of power cables crossing the track from north east to south west. During the subsequent landing, the glider touched down hard and a ground loop incident occurred. Then a train passed by, drowning out any sounds from the aircraft. She leaves behind her husband, David Draper, 57. 09:34 BST 22 Nov 2018 Both gliders had taken off from Lasham airfield and their wreckage crashed into fields and a garden shed near the A339. Piper initially designed the PA-19 as a military variant of the PA-18, in response to the US Armys call for liaison aircraft. 'Peter joined Lasham in December 1983 and was our Chairman in 2014. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 48 views 3 weeks ago Lasham Gliding Daily Flying Briefing on Tuesday the 17th of January 2023. Emergency services were called to a field near Hurston Lane in Storrington just before 11am today (Saturday 24. A Gannett Company. There was loss of life amongst the Dutch and German staff, but there were few civilian casualties in the nearby streets. 486K views 1 year ago Dragging a wing while winch launching can be incredibly dangerous. Three prototypes were built. Somewhat relieved, the Society officials considered that perhaps the pilot had simply borrowed the aircraft for the weekend without asking permission. Since then, it had flown a total of seven hours flight time. The crack in the heat exchange unit may have also played a role. The runway, or unpaved landing area itself is typically no more than 1000 metres long. The lack of procedures for private flights from Lasham caused this final failure. 'At the end of the day gliding is an adventurous activity and people understand the risks they are taking but sometimes, fortunately very rarely, things can go tragically wrong' he said. I'm excited and thanks for the discount. The person who was freed was then assessed and treated at the scene for non life-threatening injuries and was taken by SCAS crews to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital. Manni, 55, said: 'Peter and Ingrid had visited South Africa before to glide but this was their first time at our club I believe and he was hiring gliders from a Dutch member. The Gliding Heritage Centre has two separate hangars on the south side containing 42 historic gliders, many of which are in flying condition.[9]. $.XI!LTj}9XRZlk5rCiHP$%"R4A) 2+'$G7*ALB(NxxR#CW3Y~urzj1-vK>O[$3VOq=JP[b;&mEL4{nm-$=uY SxBUpmz$6 . Flybe airline captain Peter got into difficulties as he tried to climb and is believed to have stalled the glider and gone into a deadly spin and was unable to pull up the nose before crashing. This would affect every aspect of the flight, from the decision to carry on just a few hundred feet above the ground to losing control once theyd flown over the power cables. Ex-G-ALKF; registered as such 8/4/49. This specific Super Cub had originally been purchased by the French Light Air Force. [11] The club started by building its own glider Payne I.C.1. Permission to operate into, or out of them, must be obtained from the operator by prior arrangement. 'Peter was launched by winch and wanted to fly for as long as he could on his big day but tragically it wasn't to be. Your email address will not be published. Usually, the reports and analysis would be done in conjunction with the Rescue Co-ordination Centre but the police station had not dealt with such a situation before and worked through the incoming reports on their own. Chief Executive Officer of the British Gliding Association Peter Stratten said:' Peter was a very experienced pilot and was both a professional commercial pilot and a recreational glider pilot. One glider crashed on the airfield with two. ), This page was last edited on 18 April 2023, at 07:44. A FATAL mid-air crash between two gliders near Lasham, south of Basingstoke, has revealed the need for such aircraft to be more visible to one another, an . J+IM+Wiqy[QiG"|_TJe~sgX]]`K>v#M88OF Description Airfield owned by Lasham Gliding Society, located 6 nm south-east of Basingstoke, United Kingdom. For her to lose her husband in this way is just absolutely heart breaking. A shop worker was attacked by three men after he confronted a thief who stole a sandwich. Someone mentioned that the pilot might have flown to Scotland.They waited until dusk, hoping the Super Cub would appear and it would all be a big laugh. British pilot is killed as his glider slams into a rocky hillside at 150mph after 'deadly spin' during solo flight on his 60th birthday in South Africa Peter Reading, from Godalming Surrey was. Figure 1 shows the track of the glider beginning on the ground at Lasham at 0953 hrs (airborne at 1020 hrs) to about 550 ft above the accident site at 1043:20 hrs, 4.5km . The visibility that day was variable, with a warm, moist and cloudy airstream covering the area. After getting the Solo permit, I would go to visit and land there, 1st in a Super Cub and later in a Luscombe. On 14 April 1944, at the request of resistance workers, six Mosquitos of 613 Squadron led by Wing Commander Robert Bateson bombed the Central Records Registry of the Gestapo in The Hague from a height of 50ft (15m). This information is added by users of ASN. For a moment, it seemed that the pilot was flying a left-hand circuit to land. 2 Comments 2 Shares. September passed and then October. It now owns all of the land within the fenced and gated area as well as the fields that form the undershoot area at each end of the main runway. To the south, the cloud base was as slow as 500 feet with the occasional drizzle. I recently got a CO monitor for my garage and its a very small cigarette-pack size unit. There was no trail of damage on the tree tops which might have attracted the attention of the aerial searchers. Moderately cool summer and comparatively warm winter with a temperature range of only 14C. In 1953 Piggott received the Queen's Commendation for work on developing and introducing new instructional techniques for gliding in the ATC. Not only was the aircraft missing but no one knew where the pilot had intended to fly to. We sent to the scene two ambulance crews, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance and an ambulance officer. Two witnesses on the ground appear to have seen the glider as the accident occurred. However, it isnt difficult to imagine a scenario where they may have been injured and in need of help. Powered aircraft at Lasham are rare, with an obvious exception of tugs for the gliders, and inbound flights need special permission unless there is a genuine emergency. The Chairman of Lasham Gliding Society where Peter was a member said that his passing would leave a huge gap in the gliding community. The father-of-two from Godalming, Surrey, had been launched from an airfield in a Jonker JS-1 Revelation glider that is capable of speeds of up to 175mph in normal flight. The Lasham Gliding Society manager phoned Basingstoke police and the duty officer at the Department of Trade and Industry to ask if there had been any reports of a forced landing or crash. On Monday (September 20) a glider crashed with two people on board at Lasham Airfield near Alton. Company registration no: IP15094R VAT Reg No: 818 2876 00 Privacy Statement| Terms of Use Police were also informed. A spokesperson for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire Service said: "Firefighters from Basingstoke and Alton station were called to the airfield of local flying club in Alton at 15:59 on Monday 20th September 2021. One glider crashed on the airfield with two persons on board. It was impossible to prove when it had come off, but it didnt really matter. The Society manager officially reported the flight as overdue. LASHAM Gliding Society has paid tribute to one of its key members, killed when his glider crashed into a rocky hillside in South Africa. Her body was taken to a nearby hospital mortuary where a post-mortem examination will be carried out early next week to establish the exact cause of her death. Farnham Another phone call reported that two of them had been in the village of Buriton when theyd noticed the Super Cub flying south towards the Buriton railway tunnel. People phoned in from all over the country to see that theyd seen the plane. Do yo know if any of your Ebook partners offer something like "print on demand"? Highly experienced Peter is a member of the Lasham Gliding Society in Alton, Hants, where he instructs and has also been their vice chairman and media spokesman. I won't send you spam. The power cables were not marked on the pilots chart. %PDF-1.5 % ?&)R"c7-tYbY$vj;M7lHcJ+TQ,TDiEQ,")"H %I9} &aEv,,D0$clXbg"TCa*8R:)%X&QZ zu1N))iS#}'T4iZ`el>s94ihm/Y(}8Su#LFa9GswPz!iTLG8"h#jq*3LdkAw]Tf,_*{B/eZoYhl-k}j3#S2Qt3#X U*kKiM?L=-)Yq7e8|1z9))7} Autumn came and the leaves began to fall. She was a member of the British Team that won the first Women's European and Women's World Championships. Photos by Serena Lambre %%EOF 'Gliding out here over the Karoo in Africa is very different to gliding in the UK as our weather is very strong due to the heat and the thermals and you have to be very wary.

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